A Collection of Unique Collectible Aliens Stored Across
THE Ethereum, Bitcoin and Sei Blockchains.



Joey Tadiar is a London based oil painter, illustrator and 3D artist inspired by his childhood curiosities, collectible toy culture and his love for cartoons and the timeless characters created by the likes of Disney and Pixar.

As an active artist in the space since 2020, Joey was the Creative Director and artist for Warner Records’ and Bose, Stickmen Toys, has sold out 500 3D 1/1 artworks on Opensea and 50 1/1 3D ordinals on Magic Eden.

Having built a loyal community of collectors across 2 networks, Joey is now planning an invasion of SEI with a vision of blurring the lines between the blockchains.

ART //

In June 2023, Joey dropped 500 uniquely styled and individually rendered 1/1 artworks, offering collectors access to future drops, free mints, art raffles & giveaways.

The collection has sold out, but you can still join the journey by purchasing your own REMO 1/1.
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REMO Editions are digital collectible toys that holders can mint for free. These are known as Toy Drops - The longer your hold your REMO, the more Editions you get.

The collecting journey is gamified with exciting burn/redeem events where holders can burn toys from previous drops to redeem Limited Editions.

Collectors of the 1/1 REMO artworks are rewarded with regular Toy Drops, Art Raffles and giveaways. Holders can also purchase REMO physical toys, which have been 3D printed with high-poly resin and sanded and primed by hand.


(Ethereum Collection)

physical toys

REMO Physical Toys are made using a high-poly resin then sanded, painted and varnished by hand. Each one is numbered and signed before being shipped to their new homes.


There will be regular REMO Toy Drops, where holders can mint a new REMO toy for free. Toy Drops will take place exclusively on Manifold.


Original artworks, including paintings and Gicleé prints will be gifted for free through raffles. All holders can enter raffles on the Holders Only Discord.