WHO //

Joey Tadiar is a London based oil painter, illustrator and 3D artist inspired by his childhood curiosities, collectible toy culture and his love for cartoons and the timeless characters created by the likes of Disney and Pixar.

As an active artist in the space since 2020, Joey was the Creative Director and artist for Warner Records’ and Bose, Stickmen Toys, has sold out 500 3D 1/1 artworks on Opensea and 50 1/1 3D ordinals on Magic Eden.

Having built a loyal community of collectors across 2 networks, Joey is now planning an invasion of SEI with a vision of blurring the lines between the blockchains.


5,555 hand-illustrated alien set to invade the SEI network. A free-to-mint NFT collection bringing together communities from Ethereum, Bitcoin and Sei.

Generated with 123 unique traits, the REMO's WORLD collection is designed to attract both big kids and their kids too. The collection also includes 111 Spirits REMOs, 46 plant REMOs and 25 one-of-a-kind Artist Editions.

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The REMO's WORLD collection on Sei minted out in 2 hours on 31st January 2024, successfully onboarding 231 new collectors from Ethereum & Bitcoin.


Joey has been building REMO over the last 18 months, expanding his community across 3 chains and demonstrating his multi-faceted artistic skills to develop the IP.

With ambitious plans to attract a familial fan base of adults and children, Joey's dream is to drop physical products that offer a digital experience.

Holders should expect stealth merch drops and as soon as the tools are available on Sei, rewards in the form of digital collectible art and toys.

Check out the Takeover plan below!